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This kitchen boasts modern off-white lacquer cabinets, durable quartz stone backsplash and countertops, and top-of-the-line Bosch and Summit appliances. The upper cabinets have integrated under-cabinet lighting for added functionality and ambiance. The custom faucet, stainless steel sink, integrated pulls, and soft-touch self-closing hinges offer style and easy operation. This kitchen is perfect for cooking and entertaining guests.

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Welcome to the luxurious bathroom of this beautiful home! The custom lacquer vanity cabinet and integrated lighting in the medicine cabinet provide a sleek and modern look. The marble flooring and walls, along with the white porcelain walls, create a sophisticated and timeless design. The custom faucets and floor mount smart toilet add both style and functionality. For extra comfort, the bathroom features radiant floor heating with an adjustable thermostat. This bathroom is the perfect space to relax and unwind in after a long day.


Welcome to your new home with exceptional indoor and outdoor living spaces. Enjoy natural light and insulation with triple-pane glazed windows and custom mikwork closets for storage. Units feature European Oak flooring, recessed lighting, in-unit washer and dryer hookup, and smart apartment entry locks for convenience. Stay comfortable with split heating and cooling and individual room thermostat control. Some units offer private outdoor space and very big balconies for entertainment or relaxation. Experience luxury and comfort in this condo building.

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Residence Feature

Triple pane glaze windows
Custom millwork closets all units
Private outdoor space*
8-inch-wide European Oak Plank engineered flooring 
4-inch squared recessed lighting 
In-unit washer and dryer hookup provided 
Smart apartment entry lock 
Split heating and cooling with individual room thermostat

*in select residences


Off-white lacquer cabinets 
Backsplash and countertop with qurtz stone
Integrated under-cabinet lighting at upper cabinets 
Bosch and Summit appliance 
Custom faucet with intergrated sprayer
Stainless steel undermount sink 
Integrated pulls and soft touch self-closing hinges


Custom lacquer vanity cabinet
Lighting integrated medicine cabinet
Marble flooring and wall
White porcelain walls 
Custom faucets
Floor mount smart toilet 
Radiant floor heating with adjustable thermostat

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